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About Chitageo

Chitageologorazvedka was formed on the basis of the Eastern Exploration Expedition (Chitageologia), Exploration Expedition 324 (GRE-324), and Chita Administration for Technical Equipping and Furnishing of the Sosnovgeologia Geological Enterprise.

It comprises of three specialized geological exploration subsidiaries (Vostochnoye in the Mogocha Region, GRE-324 in the Krasnokamensk Region, and Severnaya Exploration Expedition in the Kalarsky District of the Chita Region), and other divisions.

The enterprise performs geological surveying, prospecting, and exploration in the Chita Region and adjusting territories using a full range of drilling, exploration, geophysical, and geochemical methods, as well as analytical studies.

In 1994–2001, Chitageologorazvedka’s specialists evaluated the unique major deposits of uranium (Argunskoye), polymetallic ores (Noion-Tologoiskoye), magnesite (Larginskoye), and fluorite (Gozogorskoye). Preliminary evaluation was carried out at the Amazarskoye, Ukonikskoye, and Itakinskoye hard-rock gold deposits located in the Mogocha Region with the total reserves and resources of 100 tonnes. Over 20 alluvial gold deposits were discovered and explored (total reserves exceeding 10 tonnes), twelve of which have been already transferred to the subsoil users. Exploration and drilling performed at the Smirnovskaya ore area exposed the Carlin-type gold mineralization. Exploration was completed in China and Mongolia.